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Blighty's Dog Walker Lures 60mm

Blighty's Dog Walker Lures 60mm

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The advantage of a dog walker is that it allows you to cover more ground while attracting fish since it is retrieved more quickly. Simple math suggests faster retrieve + more casts in more places = more ground covered to locate fish. 

Following a cast, when the lure lands, leave it completely still for up to twenty seconds. You are allowing the shock waves of the lure hitting the water to travel and attract nearby fish. If the water is calm enough you can watch the ripples flowing away from the impact point and when they have disappear you know it is time to start the retrieve.

Wind in gently until you start to feel and / or see the lure move. Keep the rod tip low and then continue to retrieve and start to flick your wrist to begin the side to side or ‘walk the dog’ movement. You should be aiming to move the rod tip only about six inches in a straight line back and forth with each flick. As an approximation these flicks should be every second or so. You will need to adjust your winding speed to keep up with the lure and to avoid having a slack bow in the line. This speed will change depending on whether you are fishing with or across current, how windy it is and what angle you are to the water.

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