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Daiwa Infeet Slippery Dog 80F

Daiwa Infeet Slippery Dog 80F

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Expanding on the success of the Slippery Dog 65F, the brand new 80mm verison gives surface fishing enthusiasts a brand new option. Fitted with dual tungsten tail weights, the Slippery Dog 80F sits near vertical when paused, significantly increasing hookup and action. The inclusion of glass rattles inside the head perfectly mimics the flicking & clicking sounds of prawns, making this lure stand out against others. Slippery Dog features an erratic 'walk-the-dog' action whether you twitch it fast or slow. The Slippery Dog is easy to walk even for beginners, whilst experienced anglers will enjoy its ability to dart and dive erractically when retrieved. At 80mm in length its the perfect sized snack for Bream, Bass & Whiting and is the perfect accompaniment to the 65F version.

Front Hook: BKK 6062-1X #10

Rear Hook: BKK Striker Assist #L

Split Rings: #1 

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