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Daiwa Infeet Slippery Lure Dog 65F

Daiwa Infeet Slippery Lure Dog 65F

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Slippery Dog has been re-invented and re-tuned and now features tungsten weighting, improving the posture of the lure in the water and drastically improving the lure's responsiveness when retrieved.

A topwater walk-the-dog lure, Slippery Dog is the perfect prawn imitation. The TG tune models now feature 2 small plastic rattle beads placed in the head of each lure, emulating the clicking sound of fleeing prawns on the surface. The 65mm Slippery Dog is the perfect size for areas where fish are fleeting and spooky, or where the water is exceptionally clear. 

Each Slippery Dog now comes fitted with BKK Striker Assist hooks on the rear eyelet, a feature many keen Whiting anglers can attest to increasing hook-up rates. The free-swinging hooks sit below the lure when paused and can freely swing across to secure a hook-up during the strike.

Front Hook: BKK 6062-1X #14

Rear Hook: BKK Striker Assist #SS

Split Rings: #0

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