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Hire 15HP Dinghy Boat

Hire 15HP Dinghy Boat

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A Bond of $100 is required when booking. This will be refunded once boat has been returned and checked over. Any damages, extra charges etc will be taken from bond. 

Hire open times are 8am-5pm with winter hours subject to change. 

Within this time dependant on availabilty, you can hire for either a 4 hour period,a full day or 7 days. If hiring for multiple days, your hire time starts 8am in the morning on the first day and is to be returned by 5pm on the 7th day. 

Charging for hire of vessel commences at the listed time. A staff member will be there to conduct the safety briefing at that listed time and it is mandatory for the hirer to be there. Should you be unable to attend on that time, then notice must be given a minimum of 12 hours prior. 

There is a late return fee of $50 so please make sure you return everything on time.

You will get life jackets, a safety box with fire extinguisher and first aid kit, bailer, anchor with rope and chain, full tank of fueland oars.

For hire of 15HP and 18HP a skippers ticket is required. Please text a photo along with your drivers license to the mobile below 

If you have questions please call 08 9758 0606 or Bernice - 0427 411 002


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