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Neptune Tackle

Neptune Tackle Flathead/Bream Rig (Yellow Carded)

Neptune Tackle Flathead/Bream Rig (Yellow Carded)

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Do you find that when you go fishing you are forever tying on hooks and swivels, replacing your sinkers and generally re-rigging after you have caught a snag? Do you want to save frustration and spend more time fishing? You can with the Neptune Bream/Flathead Rig, complete with No 8 brass swivels and 2 x chemically-sharpened, long-shanked Size 4 hooks with red plastic beads.

This rig is ideal for fishing off the beach for bream and flathead, and it would be just as good for either drifting in a boat, or fishing from the shore in the estuaries. Try using worms, nippers, mussels, pipis and strips of squid for bait. It also comes with a bonus rig-holder to keep it neat and tidy after you have finished fishing.

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