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Nomad Squidtrex 130 Vibe Lure

Nomad Squidtrex 130 Vibe Lure

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Cast it, jig it, troll it. Whatever your fishing style, the Nomad Squidtrex is ready to get crunched! This unique lure combines the action of a soft vibe and jig that is irresistible to squid-loving Aussie fish. Nomad’s innovative weight placement design allows the Squidtrex to flutter on the drop, wobble on the troll and vibrate on a lift and pause retrieve. They’re also tough and incredibly durable, with a TPE body constructed around a through wire frame. Each lure is fitted with quality jigging hooks with an additional eyelet to fit a treble or assist hook. Whether you’re fishing for demersal species or trolling for pelagics, the Nomad Squidtrex will get bit when nothing else can!


  • Squid-imitating soft vibe lure that can be jigged, cast or trolled
  • Unique action designed to trigger bites
  • Soft TPE construction provides strength and durability
  • Heavy duty, through wire construction with solid jigging hooks
  • Additional eyelet lets you add a treble or assist hooks
  • Weight placement enhances the action at high trolling speeds
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