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Platypus Hard Armour Supple Leader Clear 12lb

Platypus Hard Armour Supple Leader Clear 12lb

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Australian made, world class supple monofilament leader designed for extreme abrasion resistance, excellent knot and crimp strength, and enhanced sensitivity.

Combine this with controlled stretch for shock absorption and you have a leader that is designed to take on all corners.

Made in Australia to our exacting specifications using world class Japanese copolymers. Take the fight to the fish with Hard Armour Supple Leader.

  • 12lb 150m 0.30mm
  • 15lb 150m 0.35mm
  • 20lb 100m 0.40mm
  • 30lb 100m 0.45mm
  • 40lb 100m 0.55mm
  • 50lb 100m 0.60mm
  • 60lb 100m 0.70mm
  • 80lb 80m 0.80mm
  • 100lb 60m 0.90mm


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