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Shimano FX C2500 Reel Spooled With 8lb Mono

Shimano FX C2500 Reel Spooled With 8lb Mono

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Shimano is a global leader in spin reel manufacturing. However, if there’s one area where they excel, it’s in the entry-level spin reel market. 

It’s available in a few great sizes that cover a wide range of inshore fishing applications. From herring, bream, whiting, big flat head, skippy, tailor and all the rest of similar sizes in the Blackwood River here in Augusta, plus whiting from the beach, the Shimano FX fishing reel offers quality, durability and performance, at a price we all can afford.

While the FX has basic inclusion to keep the price low, it does have Shimano’s much-celebrated AR-C spool. We think this is a brilliant inclusion for the newbie, as the AR-C spool promotes long, accurate and consistent casting.

You avoid wind loops and knots, which can be an issue when you’re learning to cast, and this is an excellent example of Shimano applying the technology exactly where it’s most advantageous.

From land or boat, the Shimano FX fishing reel is a very capable spin reel. Fish baits and lures for all of our inshore favourites, salt and fresh. Each reel comes fully spooled with the appropriate class of mono.

  • Ball bearings: 2+1
  • Supplied spooled with mono (Fluoro colour) 
  • AR-C Spool
  • Front drag system
  • Black body with a gold spool
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing. Ideal for lakes and rivers except for the 4000 size which could be used for light beach fishing or ultra-light offshore angling styles.

This Size guide is credited to another fishing and tackle shop who have done an amazing job of breaking things down for you.

While there may be a few sizes to choose from when making your purchase, to save much confusion, this short but sweet buying guide should help you make the best decision on which size Shimano FX reel to purchase.

FX 1000 Size - The 1000 model is the smallest in the range for sale—an ideal reel for ultra-light fishing. The 1000 model will suit targeting whiting, trout, bream and a host of other light class of fish found withing lake and river systems. Ideally, the Shimano FX 1000 reel will pair with fishing rods which are 6-7ft in length with line class ratings between 1-4kg.

FX 2500 Size - Next size in the series is the 2500 and is our best selling size for most inshore lake and fishing styles. Perfect for a vast range of species including flathead, whiting, bream, trout, perch and a whole lot more in either the freshwater or saltwater. Our suggestion is to pair the FX 2500 reel with a rod which lengths 6-7ft, and which has a line rating somewhere in between 2-6kg.

FX 4000 Size - Last in the line up is the FX 4000. Suited to the heavier inshore lake and river fishing styles targeting large flathead, snapper, mangrove jack and other more oppressive class of fish.

The FX 4000 is also ideal as a light beach spin reel focusing on anything from whiting to Salmon.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning those that love the sporting thrill of fishing will find the 4000 an excellent choice for light offshore fishing. The 4000 is more of an all-rounder which can be used for a variety of options.

Fishing rod choice for the 4000 will include rods rated from 3-8kg with the ideal length for lake and river and light offshore being between 6-7ft. The beach is a little different. Our advice for the beach is to pick a light graphite rod between 7-10ft-6 inches with light line class ratings from 3-6Kg. Shorter rods are excellent for sheltered beach fishing but longer rods where casting distance is essential.


  • Brilliant for the beginner, novice and casual angler.
  • Ideal for an angler looking for a quality fishing reel brand but on a strict budget.
  • AR-C spool promotes excellent casting length and accuracy and avoids wind knots. Great for the inexperienced angler to hone casting skills
  • Supplied spooled with mono (excluding boxed models), the reel is ready to strap to your rod and fish. You save cash as you won’t require an additional fishing line purchase.
  • Great styling and feel deliver the confidence of a more expensive spin reel.

The Shimano FX fishing reel is for sale now and highly recommended for anglers of all skill levels looking for quality while on a tight budget. Don’t settle for anything less, fish Shimano and potentially catch more fish.

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