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Storm Gomoku Floating Lure 6cm

Storm Gomoku Floating Lure 6cm

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If you find yourself having trouble catching fish in shallow waters, or are simply looking to try a new lure, it is time to look to the Storm Gomoku Pencil fishing lures. Gomoku went out of their way to conduct in-depth research and create a line of lures specifically for catching the fish found in Australian waters.

The Storm Gomoku Pencil lure is ideal for surface fishing in shallow water, walking over broken weed beds, and for fishing on the flats. Whether you are fishing for bream, whiting, Australian Bass or any of the other native Australian species, the Gomoku fishing lures are bound to offer exactly what you’re looking for.


  • One of the greatest attributes of the Storm Gomoku Pencil fishing lures is the broad range of translucent and holographic designs created specifically for the Australian fisherman. Offering patterns that match the hatch that are naturally found in the local estuaries and other waterways you are bound to come away with large catches at the end of the day.
  • Light weight and perfect for light line anglers that like to top fish in shallow and/or difficult waters.
  • The aerodynamic design allows for a maximized casting distance despite the lures light weight, and its slim profile makes it ideal for working across the surface water.
  • The natural buoyancy of the pencil lure allows it to bob vertically when paused in the water creating an enticing baitfish for the fish below.
  • The light gauge VMC hook is chemically sharpened to assist you catch your fish on the first bite.

Whether you are a first timer or long term surface lure fisher you are bound to find that the Storm Gomoku Pencil fishing lures up your successful catch rate. With a line designed specifically for the Australian fisherman, all you need to do is pick up a few storm pencil lures and get out on the water.

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