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Vexed Cray Lord 200g LG

Vexed Cray Lord 200g LG

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The HOTTEST new jighead on the market!

The Vexed Cray Lord Head had been designed around the carapace of a Western rock Lobster which is the preferred tucker of the might West Aussie Dhufish and many other reef dwelling species. The Vexed Cray Lord Head is designed to match the body size and colour of Vexed Cray Lord Plastic Paddle Tail. This head is packing the highest intensity Glow and UV attractant. The Vexed Cay Lord Head has an under chin attachment ring for aVexed Squid Dinger Assist to be attached for the ultimate hook up rate. Attaching this assist hook will maximise the Cray Lords fish catching ability. 

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